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Football Season and Your Wedding: What To Expect

Before signing on the dotted line for a Saturday during football season you should know what you're really getting into.

Ah- fall Saturdays down South. It's the Happiest Time of Year (for some). Football cheers, rivalry games, tailgate tents, and... wedding bells?

Fall brides down here in the South know the song and dance well- wait until the SEC football schedule is released and scramble to grab a bye weekend or a date with a trivial game for your home team. But, even if you've managed to nab an insignificant Saturday for your school, the rest of SEC nation isn't taking an intermission for your nuptials, unfortunately. Your guests may be rooting for another team with a big game on the day you've selected. So, what's a Fall bride to do?

There are a few things to come to terms with once a Fall wedding date is set in stone. First, don't be surprised it your football-crazed guests send their regrets. Sure, Charlie and Penny had a tough conversation about how to deal with the Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry that weekend, but ultimately, their season tickets trump your ceremony. Don't take it too personally.

Second, guests missing a game, no matter how big or small, are going to search for a way to keep up with the score. They are Southern Football Fans, after all. They can't help but crave a play-by-play. It's up to you to determine how important it is to save them from feeling compelled to stream the game during your first dance. Less traditional brides may be open to a television by the bar for important games only, but we will warn you that this tends to draw the crowd away from the dance floor. Others might consider more creative ways to update guests, like incorporating a well designed scoreboard into your reception décor or requesting intermittent score announcements from the band. Best yet, if you think guests can resist their smartphones during your celebration, record the game and host a watch party after the reception.

If you're a football loving couple, we're sure you will have some fun acknowledging the big games in a way that won't take away from your

BIG DAY. Mascot sugar cookies or a SEC grooms cake, anyone? But, if you're one of the rare ones in the South who isn't fazed by the football mania, be warned. You may be getting into more than you bargained for when you sign on the dotted line for a Saturday in October. No one in the South wants to go toe-to-toe with Nick Saban or Bryan Harsin.

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