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15 Essential Signs To Have At Your Wedding

Wedding signs add a personal touch to your wedding, welcoming your guests to your big day, directing them to the events of your ceremony and reception, sharing your wedding menu and drink offerings, and - most importantly- adding your voice and your personalities to the day. Wedding signs have become a top wedding trend for several years now, and many couples design their wedding signs so that they can take them home from their wedding venue after the celebration to display them in their homes.

You've likely seen plenty of wedding signs on Pinterest, Instagram and on top wedding blogs, so you're already inspired by some of the most cleverly worded wedding signs, romantic wedding signs, and enticing signature drink signs. You can make these as wedding DIY projects, order them from talented Etsy wedding artists, or even borrow signs from your recently married friends as valuable wedding freebies. However, you plan to acquire and display your wedding signs, we have some ideas on where and how to display them at your wedding:

  1. Welcome sign at the entrance to your ceremony: A welcoming "We're Glad You're Here!" sign creates a lovely first impression for guests arriving at your ballroom wedding venue or garden wedding venue such as Swift-Coles Historic Home.

  2. Ceremony Decor Sign: A "Pick a Seat, Not a Side" sign helps guests take their seats for your reception without pressure about which side to sit on.

  3. Ceremony Carry signs: Your ring bearer or flower girl can carry a "Here Comes the Bride" sign, or your choice of announcing your arrival sign, a sweet addition to your child attendants' appearance.

  4. Directional Signage: Signs set around your wedding venue grounds can direct guests to the ceremony, cocktail party, reception, photo booth and the bar. Some couples also use directional signs to some of the cities and countries they've visited together as a visual homage to their love story.

  5. Wedding hashtag sign: A sign can let guests know your personalized wedding hashtag for sharing their own images.

  6. Cocktail party welcome sign: A simple "Welcome, Enjoy, Feast, Mingle," sign creates a festive atmosphere.

  7. Cocktail party menu sign: This sign lets guests know what's on your wedding catering menu for your cocktail party, so they know to search out their favorite dishes at your cocktail party stations, as well as know what your wedding venue's servers are presenting by hand on platters.

  8. Cocktail party bar list: This sign shares the vintages of your wines, your Alabama microbrew beers, signature drinks and cocktails, as well as bubbly.

  9. Gift Sign: A pretty sign lets guests know where to deposit their wedding gift envelopes.

  10. Family photo signs: Signs share who is in which photos, so that guests don't have to wonder, and a sign can also pay tribute to departed family.

  11. Marquee letters and words add to your decor.

  12. Photobooth signs let guests know where to go and what to do, such as picking up props and gathering groups.

  13. Signs on your chairs tag your sweetheart table with "Bride" and "Groom", "His" and "Hers", "Lucky Me" and "Lucky Me", or any other sign creation you'd like.

  14. Dessert bite IDS and desert bar signs like "Sweets for the Sweet"

  15. Favors sign, such as one sharing that you've made a charitable donation in lieu of favors, or a sign sharing your edible favor details such as truffle flavors from the top Alabama chocolatiers.

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